Clean Energy Technology Accelerator

Electric vehicles, Cap & Trade requirements and Renewable Portfolio Standards will drive energy providers to spend billions more than they have or can raise. They will therefore need to innovate their way through the coming challenges in the next 5 to 10 years.

NXergy is locating, developing and commercializing energy-efficient & renewable energy technologies and companies. NXergy will couple these commercialization efforts with policy support - to leverage good science with sound policy. NXergy is working to enable our strategic investors to reduce capital expenditures and improve financial performance - from renewable sources.

NXergy's management team and Board of Advisors are experienced executives with both energy-industry and technology-commercialization expertise.

NXergy, Inc. is raising $250 million from energy-industry companies, who will see deal-flow and have first right-of-refusal to acquire compelling green technology. Funding partners are those who are leading the charge to new, renewable, sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions.

The NXergy team is open to working those challenges and projects that further industry-adoption of both existing and new renewable energy technologies.